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Internship – Week 3

For the last week of my internship with Kildonan Place, I wanted to finish as many tasks as possible. Luckily, CreComm students are prone to working in a fast-paced environment. The marketing director was away at a conference for a couple of days during my last week, so I ensured he left me a long to-do list for me to polish off while he was away. One of the things that was top priority was revamping to mall’s merchant handbook, a project I had been working on since day 1. It was my responsibility to ensure the book’s contents were updated with new information, along with a new look that ties in more with the newer brand of the mall. The handbook was full of policies and procedures that all mall personnel would need to be aware of, and I worked efficiently to make sure the book was written in an easy-to-read manner. Aside from the handbook, I did a handful of other things which include:

  • managing the website
  • SEO copywriting
  • posting mall events and promotions to the Facebook page
  • writing memos to store managers
  • creating promotional materials
  • visual merchandising
  • updating office forms
  • 30 second spots about Target opening
  • photographing new store fronts
  • subscribing to retailer YouTube channels
  • customer service and tenant relations

I was extremely happy with being placed at Kildonan Place for my second internship. Their marketing director is full of energy and tons of creativity, and I’m thankful I was able to learn a lot from him. I’m happy the CreComm program gives students an opportunity to gain real world experience in the communications field, as it gives us hands on job training, and allows us to build relationships in the creative community. With the combination of the two three-week internships I’ve done during this past school year, all of the skills I’ve developed and strengthened during my two years of the program, and my willingness to explore all areas of communication, I feel that I’m ready to jump start my career. I’m looking forward to what comes next 🙂 I Think I Can


Internship – Week 2

It didn`t take long for me to feel comfortable in the Kildonan Place office, as everyone I worked with was really nice and definitely helpful. As I mentioned in my previous post, I worked under the mall`s marketing director, a Creative Communications grad who majored in advertising.

One of the reasons I chose to specialize in public relations is because I knew it was a field that encompassed a number of different positions I could work under. With school being over,  like many of my peers, I`ve been applying for all sorts of jobs in the communications field.

As I sift through a variety of companies looking to hire someone with a skill set I feel matches my own, I`m noticing a lot of different titles being used to label available positions. All of the titles I come across seem to be related, but I always second guess what exactly the job might entail.

One of the tasks I was been given at Kildonan Place was to create a master contact list of the marketing departments for all of the mall`s retailers. By working through this list I came across a ton of job titles in the public relations & marketing field that my peers should be on the lookout for. Here`s a quick list:

  1.  Marketing Director
  2. Marketing Coordinator
  3. Marketing Assistant
  4. Marketing Manager
  5. Marketing & Communications Coordinator
  6. Communications Coordinator
  7.  Store Operations
  8.  Chief Operating Officer
  9. Regional Sales Director
  10. Brand Operations Manager
  11. Brand Enforcer
  12. Director of Marketing Production
  13. Director of Marketing and Construction
  14. Director of Communications
  15. Development Officer
  16. Social Media Coordinator
  17.  Social Media Strategist
  18. Web Communications Manager
  19. Media Buyer/Strategist
  20. Manager, Creative Services
  21. Print Production Manager