Monthly Archives: June 2013

Facebook Pages

So as most of you know, or as communicators, you SHOULD know, Facebook gives you the opportunity to create pages designed to promote or communicate aspects of yourself or your business to an audience who “Likes” your page. During our timeĀ in CreComm a lot of us recent grads have created a number of different pages to promote events, hypothetical projects such as the mandatory magazine project in the first year of the program, documentaries, and our radio shows hosted on Red River Radio. I myself have created two pages: one for my former radio show, Winnipeg’s Finest, and another for the Red Dress Gala & Fashion Show I organized this past February. Considering that I out of 70 students had created two pages, imagine how many pages we’ve created as a group. As a courtesy to our fellow classmates, we tried to like as many pages as possible to both show our support for their activity, and in hopes of others liking our pages in return. This went on for two years. Since classes have ended about five or six weeks ago, a lot of students have be “unliking” pages that are no longer active or relevant, as a way of clearing up their news feeds, myself no exception. But in an unexpected turn of events, fellow grads have been pushing even more pages than before.

I’m surprised I didn’t see this coming. Here’s the thing…CreComm students have been landing jobs left and right. Seeing how it’s 2013, many businesses have a Facebook page for themselves and/or their clients. Which means that on almost a daily basis, my Facebook account receives notifications that “Jane Smith” has invited me to like her page “My New Job Is Social Media Coordinator For This Company.” Although we’re no longer classmates, a lot of us are still friends who want to continue showing support for what are peers and potential colleagues are doing. As you can imagine, there’s some strategy to go along with that train of thinking as well. But here are my questions: how many pages should I like? Do I have to like them all? How do I decide who’s page I’m going to like, and who’s page is going to give me a notification I’m just going to glaze over? It’s likely that most of us are going to have the mentality, “I’m not going to like your page if you don’t like mine,” so should I continue to like pages because sometime in the near future I’m going to want the same courtesy? Or should I only like pages that truly interest me? I’ll have to flush out this situation analysis further.