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Office Space

As a recent grad working to pay off student loans, I unfortunately don’t have the luxury to live in an apartment with an office in a different room from my bedroom. On and around my desk I have a few essentials such as stationary, basic office supplies, a computer/printer, and my Caps and Spelling. I also have my TV always wanting my attention, a view of my closet filled with clothes asking me which one of them I will put on next, and my bed constantly whispering “I know you miss me; let’s snuggle.” Although I’m usually able to pull myself together and focus when I really need to get things done, there are too many distractions in my room that cause my mind to wander and think about doing other activities. What I need and will one day have, is a home office completely separate from any other room in the house. I know I’m most likely to end up with a home office that has a beautifully crafted yet simple desk, a few live plans, a softly coloured wall (as opposed to the screaming bright purple of my current bedroom), and a few mood boards to give me a boost of inspiration from time to time.

Brick office


¬†However, I can’t help but dream of one day having an outdoor office as well. In a paradise that’s always sunny. But with a light breeze. With a view of bright blue water. And crushing white waves. One day!

Ooutdoor Office

Outdoor Office 2

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