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Periscope Is Where It’s At!

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Just jumped on the Periscope train a few weeks ago, and I’m obsessed! I heard about it when I went to social media camp in Victoria B.C. earlier this year, but with all the travelling I did over the summer I couldn’t find the time to dive in. Better late than never, right? For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Periscope is an extension of Twitter where people can broadcast videos in real time, and it allows viewers to comment or ask questions while the broadcast (which is actually referred to as a “scope”) is happening. I love it because I follow a lot of creative entrepreneurs in the marketing/social media industry, and I find their scopes to be really engaging, helpful, and just a ton of fun. I found a great community through Periscope that I’m super pumped to be apart of, and I’m looking forward to seeing that community grow. In the New Year I plan to start doing some of my own scopes with members of the Boss Ladies Facebook group I created recently, but of course you’ll all be welcome to join. In the meantime, if you have an interest in marketing, branding, social media, building your creative business, etc… I suggest you follow these five very talented folks:

  1. @Devan_Danielle
  2. @TheNectarCollective
  3. @PinesUpNorth
  4. @CaitlinBrehm
  5. @LisaLarter
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