Winnipeg’s Finest was a radio show that gave listeners the opportunity to get to know the different and interesting folks who walk the streets of Winnipeg. The talk show had a variety of guests from fashion designers, to photographers, to young entrepreneurs. There’s a lot of talented people in this world to get to know, so why not start with the people in your own backyard?

October 1st – Episode 1: Fashion Designer, Dee Karpa

Dee Karpa

Dee Karpa – Fashion Designer

Dee Karpa is a 24 year old local fashion designer. She moved to Winnipeg from Croatia when she was a little girl, and began her fashion journey when she was in high school. Her designs are inspired by the image of a powerful woman, and include a lot of dresses and business attire. Her worked was featured in the Red Dress Gala & Fashion Show, and she is currently working on her White Project, a series of white designs created to detach the stigma often linked to people with mental illnesses.  

October 15th – Episode 2: Photographer, Charmaine Mallari
Charmaine Mallari - Photographer

Charmaine Mallari – Photographer

Charmaine is a Winnipeg photographer who is fairly well known throughout the community. She has a strong passion for fashion photography and has worked with a large number of local designers who are always impressed with her work. Her love of photography started when she was really young and just beginning to learn the ins and outs of a camera. Charmaine’s business name, TRUE CHARISMA PHOTOGRAPHY, is reflection of how others have seen her throughout her life, and is a description she aspires to live up to everyday.

October 22nd – Episode 3: Personal Trainer, Andrea Smith
Andrea Smith - Episode 3

Andrea is a triple threat. A personal trainer, bikini model, and body builder makes Andrea a busy gal and an inspiration. Andrea strives to give women the motivation they need to become active, healthy, and to feel happy and accomplished with all of their hard work. Her business, Get Ready Girls ( features a number of different fitness programs suited to different needs and interests and every day women. The three Cs Andrea chooses to live by are Confidence, Commitment, and Consistency, and she invites women to share in her mantra.

October 29th – Episode 4: YouTube Sensation, Reid Valmestad
Reid Valmestad - Episode 4

Reid is a Winnipeg YouTube sensation, and a very enthusiastic young man. He spends a lot of time creating hilarious and engaging YouTube videos that always attract a lot of attention. One of his most well known videos was Shit Winnipeggers Say, with a guest appearance by friend and co-worker, Jackie Lynn Doming. The video was uploaded this past February, and poked fun at a lot of the different stereotypes of Winnipeggers. This video was by far his most popular, coming in with over 33 thousand views. Although he enjoys scripting, shooting, and editing videos, his career goal was to become a MuchMusic VJ, and at the time of the interview, he was in the middle of the audition process. 

November 5th – Episode 5: Philanthropist, Amanda Furst
Amanda Furst - Epiosde 5
Amanda is a philanthropist and co-founder of Growing Opportunities International (GO!) GO! is an organization that seeks to improve the lives of those living in rural communities within developing countries, through a variety of different projects. Amanda’s desire to create this organization came about while she was helping to build a small school in Rwanda. After taking on such an important project Amanda didn’t want the projects to end, and has been helping to strengthen communities primarily in Rwanda and Tanzania over the last few years. 

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